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recertified gas assist controller system

Recertified Gas Assist Equipment

These systems are just the latest systems in our inventory.  Click HERE or on the image for more information.

Gas assist controllers - recertified


Gas assist molding systems featured by AEGIS now include the products of NitroJection Corporation, for gas assist process controls and development services.  NitroJection Corporation was the first commercialized and patented gas assist process and processing system in North America. For over twenty years, NitroJection has provided leading gas assist control systems, combined with system, product and process support.  The Nitrojection Process, the original, the first. There is no technology or gas assist equipment surpassing the precision, features, repeatability or reliability of the NitroJection product line.  Select a category from one of the above links to learn more about the gas assist industry's leading gas assist systems. For gas pins and other gas assist accessories, click here for our unique gas pin offerings. gaspins.com

Do you currently injection mold with gas assist technology? Are your process less than desired as tooled or designed?  AEGIS features product development services for new, conversion and current gas assist molding programs.

  • Gas Assisted Injection Molding Process Controls
  • Gas Assisted Compression Molding Process Controls
  • Product, tooling and process development services.

For the most efficient processing, whether just getting started in gas assisted injection molding or for added capacity, you can't find more robust engineering and system flexibility than from NitroJection Corporation. For more information regarding gas assist systems or for process optimization of your applications, give us a call us at: 757-271-9927

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